Our faith impacts our work at every level.

A foster care worker recently shared that because of EmberHope Youthville’s commitment to being a truly faith-based organization, she was able to comfort the foster mom she was working with.

The foster mom was sharing that her daughter had recently been diagnosed with a serious health condition and some other difficult life situations. She was understandably emotional. She shared that they needed to be inactive and take a break from fostering. She already had everything she needed for renewal and hopes to be able to jump back into service soon.

The foster care worker was able to pray with the foster parent, bringing spiritual comfort in a difficult time. She was thankful to work where she could freely express her faith and share it with others.

Will you pray with us for the foster parents that serve through EmberHope Youthville? Pray also for the foster care team that supports our families. Ask that they would be renewed, refreshed, and restored as they serve.

EmberHope Youthville foster care worker prayed for foster parent.