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Functional Family Therapy

Counseling services for families in Western Kansas

Our therapists in Western Kansas have years of experience helping families using an evidence-based family intervention therapy program that keeps families together. 

What is Functional Family Therapy?
is an evidence-based family therapy model proven to reduce recidivism among juvenile offenders. Its highly structured model identifies each individual family’s risk factors, builds on its strengths, and uses specific methods of intervention to motivate the family and maintain change. 

FFT focuses on enhancing protective factors within the family, increasing parental supervision and involvement, and reducing risk factors such as premature treatment termination, substance use, delinquent behaviors, negative peer influence, school behavior problems, and antisocial cognitions.

FFT consists of five phases, each with specific interventions and objectively defined criteria for completion. Clients who successfully complete each phase of the program can expect improved functioning and reduced recidivism. 

If it is determined individual and family therapy is needed, a referral for individual therapy will be made after FFT is completed. Clients who are currently receiving family therapy are not eligible.  

For more information on FFT, visit www.fftllc.com.

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Counties served by our Functional Family Therapy program.

“….we have learned to communicate more positively and how to understand each other….FFT has helped us to be more calm, peaceful and loving to one another” 

– FTT Client

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Who can qualify for Functional Family Therapy? 

Our program works with families and clients ages 11-18 who have been referred for behavioral or emotional problems by the Kansas Department of Corrections. This is a short-term program, with most clients having 12-14 sessions over a three-to-five-month period.

Our FFT Therapists focus on:

What is the frequency and duration of the program?

Families will attend 12-15 weekly sessions over the course of 3-4 months. Because services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual family, the frequency may vary. 

EmberHope Youthville strives to eliminate potential barriers to treatment by offering services in the client’s home, community, or office. Location is determined by the client’s preferences, schedule, access to transportation, and safety.

What does the payment structure look like for FFT?

FFT is affordable for all qualifying families through most major insurances including Medicaid, and the Kansas Department of Correction Juvenile Service Functional Family Therapy Expansion funds. Through these funding sources, there will never be a cost to families served.

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