Ways to give

Change a life with giving.

Ways to give

Change a life with giving.

Ways to give

Change a life with giving.

Give today. Invest in at-risk
children and teens in Kansas and Texas

With your monthly support, we can provide the resources to help create a brighter future for those that need us most. 

Imagine a future where…

  • Residential girls have the basic resources they need, extra therapy sessions, and special programming where they can express themselves and heal.
  • Our foster parents are able to provide basic resources and extra items that teens need such as driver’s ed programs, graduation funds, sports participation, and much more. 
  • All kids are not limited to counseling sessions based on dollar restrictions but can have the number they need to heal.
Your gift to EmberHope Youthville helps children graduate

Help us make this future a reality with a monthly gift. Take the first step.

Planned giving. Leave a legacy.

Do you want your impact to continue long after you are gone? Consider maximizing your investment through planned giving.

Planned giving – sometimes called legacy giving – can feel like a maze of terms and options. Planned giving allows you to take full advantage of tax law to accomplish your financial and charitable goals. 

Ready to get started building your legacy? 

Contact Marty Kramer, VP of Advancement, at 785.826.6131 or Mitch Drees, Director of Development, at 785.643.3890

Corporate giving. Investing in the future.

  • Charitable giving is not limited to just individuals. Corporations and organizations of all sizes can help inspire positive change. 
  • Investing in the lives of at-risk children and teens has a direct impact on the health and flourishing of our communities.
  • Establishing a corporate giving program helps harness the power of your organization to touch the lives of children, teens, and families.
  • Ready to take the lead in doing good? Contact us today.

Gifts of stock restores families.

Looking for a creative way to give? As a nonprofit organization, EmberHope Youthville is able to receive gifts of stock or securities. For more information, please contact us. We can help answer any questions you might have.