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Turn your passion into a career with us

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Everyone has a calling that shapes them, and it looks different for each person, but the passion remains the same. You can be an irreplaceable part of bringing hope to at-risk children and families. When you come to work for EmberHope, you can create impact in a youth’s life. Even in the dark, there is still an ember of hope.

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Lori Gonzales

“I love working here because of the values we embrace and seeing firsthand how our work impacts at-risk families in the community.”

Lori Gonzales
EmberHope Youthville President

EmberHope Youthville - Work with us

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todd lewis photo

“I arrived at EmberHope Youthville without a life plan, never mind a career plan. The opportunity to serve children and families alongside so many selfless individuals, both in direct residential care and family support work, inspired my career mission of taking care of people who take care of people. While I only spent a short time directly serving our clients, I committed to spend the rest of my career taking care of those who serve others. Ultimately, this led to a career path in Human Resources and Operations in Healthcare. The Organization, including a few key leaders, gave me the training and opportunity to live my career mission, and the relationships I developed during my time as an employee are life-long. I will always carry with me and seek to emulate the countless examples of selflessness, grace, and compassion wherever my career leads. I am forever indebted to EmberHope Youthville.”

Todd Lewis
Unit Leader | Benefits Consultant

samantha jacobs photo

“As a social worker for over 12 years now, I look back on my time with EmberHope Youthville as a time of growth and development. Some of my most foundational skills were honed during my time both in case management and foster care. I learned the importance of good time management, working collaboratively, and advocating for our most vulnerable children. I worked alongside an amazing team that was dedicated to the children and families that we served.

All of these experiences have served me well in my current role as a Clinical Social Worker Team Lead for Children’s Mercy Hospital. Without a doubt my time at EmberHope Youthville, I would not be the social worker I am today.”

Samantha Jacob

toyia bulla photo

“My arrival at EmberHope Youthville was undoubtedly God-ordained. I had been praying for an opportunity to serve the Lord in a Christian workplace. It was clear to me when I was selected by the CPA firm to help Youthville with their financial concerns and offered a position there, that this was the path the Lord prepared for me. The devotion and care the staff had for the children they served was inspiring to me. I looked forward to serving the Lord every morning through my role so that the direct care staff had the resources they needed to care for the children and teens in their care. Not only did I enjoy my work, but I grew spiritually as God provided friends and mentors through the staff at EmberHope Youthville. I had the opportunity to mentor others, both in their careers and in their spiritual walk. I praise the Lord for the opportunity He gave me to serve Him and His children through EmberHope Youthville.”

Toyia Bulla

“I began working for EmberHope fresh out of college, unaware of the invaluable skills I would learn and journey I was about to embark on. I knew I would grow professionally but did not realize how much personal growth I would have by working in residential. My coworkers became my second family and the youth I worked with taught me more than I could have imagined. I am grateful I had the privilege of walking alongside some incredible individuals while watching them reach their potential.

I decided to continue my education after seeing the barriers many youth in the foster care system face in the school setting. I recently completed my Masters in School Counseling and look forward being able to utilize the skills I learned during my time at EmberHope in my future career.”

Ashley Clark

Laurel Rhodes

“My EmberHope Youthville experience was one of inspiration and personal development. As an administrative assistant at EmberHope Youthville, I was offered new experiences and knowledge – personal and professional development combined with working with compassionate, caring co-workers.

One of the most inspirational experiences was working with the Strengthening Families Program, which helped reintegrate families who had experienced substance abuse. I was provided with a fresh sense of compassion for struggling families.

One of the most important things, however, that I learned was better diplomacy. I was privileged to work with three women who had exceptional diplomacy skills. I was given the opportunity to realize the importance of speaking and writing carefully and thoughtfully to achieve more positive results. My time here was meaningful and one of the best experiences because I was able to grow and learn about compassion and caring for my fellow human beings.”

Laurel Rhodes

We provide benefits that inspire outstanding work.

We offer competitive compensation and great benefits. 

EmberHope Youthville offers a competitive benefits package including:

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  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
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  • Immediate 403(b) eligibility
    • (employer match after meeting eligibility requirements)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

You can find us at the following events and job fairs.

You can find us at the following events and job fairs.

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