2022 Annual Report

Fiscal Year: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

FY22 Foster Care Demographics

fy22 emberhope youtville foster care demographics

Experience this compelling journey to healing

This year’s compelling Walk-A-Mile traveling exhibit is now open at Wichita’s City Arts through Sunday, Oct. 29.

2022 Recruitment & Retention of Sponsored Foster Homes in Kansas

Kansas Foster Care Recruited & Retained Sponsored Foster Homes
EmberHope Youthville Foster Care Recruited & Retained Sponsored Foster Homes

FY22 Contributions & Grants

fy22 emberhope youthville contributions and grants

Manage back-to-school stressors

A new school year can cause additional stress in foster youth, but foster parents and teachers can play an active role in helping them.

FY22 Program Expenses

fy22 emberhope youthville program expenses

Bishop shares inspirational success stories

Visit from Bishop Wilson was a tremendous opportunity to highlight the outstanding work being done with youth and families.

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