2022 Annual Report

Fiscal Year: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

FY22 Foster Care Demographics

fy22 emberhope youtville foster care demographics

Experience this compelling journey to healing

Make a meaningful difference for more at-risk youth. Find out how.

"We are encouraged to see lives changed and families positively impacted through the programs and services offered this past year. What a joy it is to celebrate with these children and teens the success of engaging in and completing their treatment programs."

"It’s the employees of EmberHope Youthville that make us great, the Foster Parents on the front lines that make a difference, and your support that make us blessed."

FY22 Contributions & Grants

fy22 emberhope youthville contributions and grants

Our Top Tips to Improve Your Foster Parenting Skills

We support you every step of the way when you serve as a foster parent.

FY22 Program Expenses

fy22 emberhope youthville program expenses

Bishop shares inspirational success stories

Visit from Bishop Wilson was a tremendous opportunity to highlight the outstanding work being done with youth and families.

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