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Stories of Our Impact

From our foster care programs to adoption, from our counseling services to our residential programs, EmberHope Youthville programs have inspired positive change in thousands of lives. Here are just a few of those stories.

Innovative Academic Environment For Inspiring Student Growth

Innovative Academic Environment Inspires Student Growth Education is a powerful way to impact lives and inspire positive change, but a traditional school model doesn’t always meet the needs of children and youth in crisis. That’s where Opportunity Academy comes in. Its unique, innovative academic environment and individualized [...]

Called to Serve

Called to Serve Local churches are a huge part of EmberHope Youthville’s mission to inspire change and impact lives, and the blessings of church partnership are mutual. One such church, First United Methodist Church (UMC) in Dodge City, has partnered with EmberHope Youthville for more than 80 years. [...]

The Rippstein Family Fills Their Home With Love And Seven Children

"Wow, you guys really have your hands full."  Is there a day that goes by that a foster family doesn't hear this statement at least a dozen times? Sometimes it's said with a smile, sometimes with a look of pity, and sometimes with not-so-subtle judgment. They're wondering why on [...]

Vogts Story

Vogts family Sparks Lasting Change Through In-Kind Gifts Personally And Through Their Business. We wouldn’t be able to do our critical, life-changing work without the generous support of our donors. Two such donors, Al and Jennifer Vogts, have come alongside us for several years and have sparked lasting change [...]

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