Harness the Power of Resilience Practice the 7Cs Every Day

Did you know our team has integrated the 7C’s of Resilience, produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics into our framework? Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Contribution, Coping, and Control are critical elements that shape our approach. We strive to create an environment that fosters growth, empowerment, and authentic life skills so youth in our program build the resilience they need to thrive.

“We believe in the power of helping youth recognize their strengths and potential,” said Alison Pate, Vice President of Residential Services. “It’s crucial to communicate effectively, making information easy to understand and encourages independent decision-making. We allow room for safe mistakes, acknowledging that obstacles are essential in growth.”

In promoting confidence, our team focuses on celebrating the youth’s achievements and recognizing their progress. We affirm their survival skills, assuring them that they are capable of overcoming any challenge.

Competence Confidence Connection Character Contribution Coping Control

Our approach also emphasizes the importance of connection. We encourage trust-building, creating a safe community, and acknowledging the importance of their cultural identities.

Character development, contribution to society, coping strategies, and control over actions are also integral parts of our framework.

“We help our youth to identify and process right from wrong and guide them in developing positive coping strategies,” said Lori Gonzales, Chief Program Officer. “It is important for them to understand they have control over their actions, and the 7C’s help them navigate life one step at a time. By integrating these principles, we aim to create a trauma-responsive, resilience-focused approach to care that promotes recovery and success.”

Resilience is the capacity to rise above difficult circumstances, and our goal is to empower our youth to navigate the world with optimism and confidence.

Empower a youth today and help shape a better tomorrow. Join us in our mission and become a part of the change. Find your fit. Ignite your passion. Change a life.