When it comes to kids in trouble, Pastor Marsha Haney witnessed it all during her three decades working in the court system in Kansas. 

And she knows there’s still work to do every time she steps outside one of the two churches where she preaches on Wichita’s beleaguered southside.

“You just see a lot,” laments Haney. “You don’t just see adults walking the street, you see teenagers. Occasionally I see kids walking the streets, and it’s just, ‘Lord, please protect them.’”

That urge to protect kids who’ve slipped through the cracks has always been a passion of Pastor Haney. During her career as a court assistant, she admired EmberHope Youthville for getting involved with families in need and often turning troubled lives around.

“I always thought that Youthville was just a great program for families and children,” said Haney. “And even though I worked in adult court all of my career with the state of Kansas, there were still times that cases came through where you saw up close and personal the crisis that children were going through.”

As Haney retired from her administrative assistant job with the courts and began to focus more on her ministry, her relationship with EmberHope began to grow. 

“They stay committed to their mission and vision to help children, teens, and families in crisis,” said Haney. “And I like their consistency. And the mission is just a great mission to have.”

Haney serves her community ministering at both Bethany United Methodist Church as well as at Mt. Vernon UMC in Wichita. Both churches cater to communities in socioeconomic distress. 

Every day she sees how help from EmberHope is making a difference in her neighborhoods.

“I spent 30 years working for the state of Kansas in some capacity. I’ve just always known about EmberHope from the court systems and the United Methodist Church, and it just seemed like a good thing to support,” said Haney. “I know how they really do help.”

Haney now serves on EmberHope Youthville’s board, helping guide the future of our ministry and how we can continue to support families in Kansas for generations to come.

“I get excited when I think about EmberHope because it’s valid,” exclaimed Haney. “When I went to Newton, I got to meet the staff and see the new Residential building. I also heard some of the hard stories about how they help at-risk teenage girls.”

Join Pastor Marsha Haney by finding your calling, whether it’s volunteering or giving financial support, EmberHope Youthville wants to help you find your fit at www.emberhope.org or call us at 1.855.260.HOPE.