EmberHope Youthville’s residential program is rooted in faith and committed to caring for children in innovative ways that encourage their mental, physical, and creative growth through therapeutic forms of expression. Our Newton residential campus serves girls and young women ages 6-18, sparking change through help with life skills, coping skills, social skills, problem-solving, and the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Our mission is to use trauma-informed services to help these children safely return to their families and communities.
Our service benefits include:

  • A safe and secure setting
  • 24-hour supervision
  • A variety of educational opportunities
  • Recreational activities
  • On-site trauma-informed mental health and substance abuse services

The girls and young women in our care will experience growth in the following areas:

  • Making safe, responsible decisions
  • Identifying and applying personal strengths
  • Solving problems creatively and effectively
  • Developing and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Cooperating with peers and authority figures
  • Maintaining personal health and safety

Secure Care

EmberHope Youthville’s Secure Care Program is designed to serve girls with chronic runaway behaviors who have been deemed by the courts as “children in need of care.” Our safe, highly structured environment and trauma-informed services allow our clients to address runaway behaviors in a safe, home-like setting, decreasing the likelihood of future runaway episodes.

Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP)

The QRTP facilities are therapeutic environments that serve girls ages 6-17 in order to improve their decision making, coping, and social skills and to address any underlying issues which may be impacting them. This is accomplished utilizing trauma-informed and evidenced based practices. Girls placed in this facility receive an independent assessment and are authorized to this placement by a judge.

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