Foster kids need you.

We believe you can improve the lives of at-risk youth and families.

Foster kids need you.

We believe you can improve the lives of at-risk youth and families.


Kansas kids in need of foster parents

Why do foster parents choose
EmberHope Youthville?

The call to become a foster parent isn’t always easy,
but we are there to support you.

Why we believe foster parenting is a calling.

Kansas children need us. They need parents who care. They need to know they matter and have a safe place to call home. They need a role model who can guide them towards a brighter tomorrow.

They need someone like you.

For more than 90 years, EmberHope Youthville has been led by our calling to provide care for children in need. Our trauma-informed, evidence-based practices inspire, nurture, and transform the lives of children and families.  Our calling is based on 1 Peter 4:10 “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.”

Your involvement with EmberHope Youthville makes a lasting difference. It’s a calling worth answering.

Our families share why Kansas foster care
can be so rewarding

Kansas foster care parents often mention the ultimate benefit is seeing their foster or adoptive child thrive through their past pain and trauma into a place of healing.

“This Community of Hope is amazing and really making a difference! Anyone who inquires about wanting to become a foster parent, I immediately point them to EmberHope! There is definitely no other agency like them!”

Julie K.

“There are hundreds if not thousands of children in foster care. The support, engagement, empathy, and perseverance a parent provides particularly when times get tough, can eventually be deeply rewarding.”

Erma C.

“EmberHope Youthville has wonderful, caring, trained professionals who will assist you, even hold your hand, as you navigate the path of Fostering. I can’t imagine doing what I do every day with these children without their support.”

Robin C.

What steps you’ll take to obtain your foster parent license.

We provide you with the training and an incredible support team.

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You’ll get a call to schedule a time for an in-home visit with a Foster Care Worker. During the visit, they will go over the Kansas Department of Children and Families (DCF) regulations to keep children safe, review expectations and paperwork, and more.

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Your family is placed in the next available training class. Your assigned Foster Care Worker will contact you bi-weekly to check on your progress and answer any questions you may have.

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As the process continues, you will be given the DCF licensing packet to complete. The Foster Care Worker will answer any questions you may have about the licensing process.

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Your Foster Care Worker will then check in weekly to check on the progress on DCF paperwork and any home modifications that need to be made.

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Within a week of completing training and receiving your certificate from the trainer, your Foster Care Worker will schedule a final walkthrough. They will remain in contact weekly until the packet is ready to be sent to DCF for licensing.

Become a foster parent

Inspire positive change - Foster kids need good role models like you.

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