Residential Campus Talent Show

from the desk of Lisa Capps, Chief Advancement Officer, EmberHope Youthville

One of the recent highlights of my job was to be able to experience the talent show put on by the girls that live on our residential campus. Without really knowing what to expect, I was unprepared for what occurred. The talent roster was a collection of karaoke-like singing, dancing, gymnastic routines, heartfelt poetry readings, and comedy routines.

Two things stood out for me that afternoon. First, the song choices the girls made. Not your typical Top 40 songs. Watching an eight-year-old with fiery red hair bundled on top of her head in a messy bun sing “I’m Coming Home” by Skylar Grey made me and my colleagues teary-eyed. Even though she’s well cared for by our staff, all this little girl really wants is to be with her family. Watching her clutch the microphone, staring at the floor and barely singing the song though she knew the words well, I could only wonder what goes through this little girl’s mind.

What stood out even more for me was the incredible level of encouragement and support the girls showed for each other. Standing alone in front of a crowd is enough to make many (if not most) of us weak in the knees. Being vulnerable enough to perform takes that fear to an even higher level. Most of these young ladies, however, were quite brave and marched to the front of the room to perform. Several of the girls hesitated to take the stage. But I marveled as the crowd hollered, “You got this, girl” and clapped and cheered for the shy performers to such an extent that each one made it through her act. The girls’ bond was obvious and clearly special. It was very powerful.

The dedicated staff and foster parents who work diligently with these kiddos do an incredible job but they can’t do their work without your support. Donate today and be proud of the fact that you contributed to the hope and healing these young ladies experience.