Mrs. Patterson has provided foster care and shelter to multiple primary medical need children and even reunified a couple with their biological parents!

Mrs. Patterson Finds Family And Purpose Where She Never Expected

Mrs. Patterson is a home health nurse. She met her soon-to-be son as his night nurse, spending 12 hours a day, four days a week caring for and bonding with him. This sweet boy has primary medical needs (PMN). He cannot live without mechanical support or the service of others due to life-threatening conditions. When his foster home closed, he needed a placement. Imagine the difficulty of finding a home willing to foster a high-needs child. But God knew what he needed. He had brought them together. Mrs. Patterson generously opened her heart and her home to this young boy in need of a forever home. She would eventually seek adoption. Amazingly, he was but the first medically fragile child that she would foster. Four PMN children live with her now. Yes, four! This woman is amazing! In addition to everything she does for the children, she does it as a single mother, having been widowed. And she does it extremely well.

This amazing woman has successfully returned two medically fragile foster children to their biological families. That’s what fostering is all about, after all. Reunification. Keeping families together whenever possible.

You don’t have to be a foster parent to make a huge difference. You can make a difference because, with every gift and donation, you can help Mrs. Patterson take care of her family. Donate today and make it possible for heaven-sent individuals like Mrs. Patterson to provide services for her children.