What every child needs most is a safe, nurturing forever home. A family they can count on for support, guidance, and love. Sadly, each year many children age out of the foster care system without ever having known the peace and stability of a permanent home.

EmberHope Youthville is dedicated to finding a forever home for every Kansas foster child. Through our partnership with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK), a signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption , we’ll bring children waiting to be adopted from foster care one step closer to safe, loving, and permanent homes.

The Foundation provides grants to public and private adoption agencies for the hiring of professionals who implement child-focused recruitment programs targeted exclusively to move America’s longest-waiting children into adoptive families. In 2011, a rigorous five-year national evaluation by Washington, D. C.-based Child Trends revealed that a child referred to WWK is up to three times more likely to be adopted. This proved especially true for older children and children with special needs.

EmberHope Youthville is proud to be the only WWK grant recipient in the state of Kansas, striving every day to find forever homes for Kansas children. Through WWK, our agency is able to match the children who’ve been in foster care the longest with loving families who are eager to adopt them.

If you are a social worker and have questions about the WWK program, or would like to submit a child under your care for consideration, fill out the form at the button below and send it to Victoria Sutton at

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