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“My name is Kara. I have been in the child welfare system since I was seven. We used to live with my dad, but things turned very bad. He started locking us up in the garage and would beat us. He would not feed us and left us no blankets to cover up with. We went to live with our aunt and uncle. I thought things would get better, but the abuse continued. I am 16 now and safe, but I suffer from PTSD and a bunch of other mental health issues. I want to be a ‘normal teen’ with a loving family that does not abuse me.”

This heart-wrenching true story illustrates the impact financial gifts have made in providing a safe harbor for Kara, who now resides at EmberHope Youthville and is receiving the love and help she so desperately needs. But thousands of kids like her still need someone to step up and spark change. More than 7,500 Kansas children remain in the child welfare system, and over 2,500 youth are waiting for a loving forever home. That’s 7,500 children with stories similar to Kara’s who need help. Our help.

Will you change the life of a child today by making a financial gift of $35, $50, or $100? Can you commit to giving just $12 a month for the next 12 months? Every donation, no matter the size, shows children like Kara that they are loved and valued, and that their story can change. Fill out the form on the right to give your secure, tax-deductible donation today. 

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