Say “Thank You” To These Amazing Foster Families!

It takes a special kind of family to say “yes” to becoming a foster family. “Yes” to welcoming a child they’ve never met into their home, without knowing what that child is like or how the existing family dynamic will be impacted. “Yes” to understanding the damage of childhood trauma, and going the extra mile to help treat it. “Yes” to paperwork and inspections, IEP meetings and doctor’s appointments and court hearings. “Yes” to late nights, exhaustion, heartache, and so much sacrifice, all to spark change in the life of a child.

You can offer support to foster families in your area by joining our Care Community.

Through your involvement, you’ll help meet the practical needs of these families by:

  • Preparing Meals,
  • Providing Transportation, or
  • Assisting with Household Chores.

In addition, you’ll provide necessary emotional support and encouragement to these families.

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Foster parents play with their adopted girl

Thank You For Giving Back To Foster Families!

Two Foster parents take a walk with their newly adopted kids

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