Our Walk-A-Mile exhibition showcases powerful artwork created by at-risk youth in our residential program. We now have the capacity to bring this significant exhibit to your church. We want to share Ry’s story with you as she describes the trauma she faced and how she has worked hard to overcome and persevere:

“A lot of the stuff that happens here, these kids are troubled kids who are really hard to love, but when you’re in a house full of kids who have been down the same road that you’ve been, it’s like, “Wow I’m not the only one that goes through this pain.” And to me, it’s really inspiring because you have staff who love you and people who want the best for you are. They really helped me learn to use my coping skills. Challenging times are probably the best times for me because I know how to work through them better.”

“And this experience, It’s one of the most valuable lessons. I’ve probably ever had to learn in my life. You learn about being mature. I am currently in the 10th grade, and I’m gonna be graduating this year, and that’s all because I came here. I believe that everything happens for a reason and God, you just have to trust in him all the time.”

“I tell myself all the time this bad thing happened because God wants us to see. You don’t see the good until you see the bad so it’s like, you really kind of just have to get through the clouds to see the sun. And that’s what I do. And I really hope when I graduate, I’m gonna apply for colleges, and I’m gonna be like the lawyers/paramedics helping people every day of their life. I’m going to do things for other people that they didn’t get to do.”

“I really want to be a good influence. I want to show people that just because of what I’ve been through, I’m here today. Literally walking around like it’s the greatest day of my life. Every day is a good day, and I really appreciate the bad people and the bad days, the bad experiences because I get to appreciate all the great ones too.”

Don’t miss this transformative opportunity. Experience Ry’s story, her struggle, and her resilience story firsthand . Let her journey inspire your congregation and help raise awareness about the challenges our at-risk youth face daily. Host the Walk-A-Mile exhibition at your church. Together, we can make a difference. Remember, every step we take brings our youth a mile closer to a brighter future. Contact us today to schedule the exhibition.