Haviland, Kansas may only have six hundred people, but in this tiny town resides a giant of a couple: Rodney and Bev Hannan, whose longtime support of EmberHope Youthville has sparked change in the lives of countless others. Rodney, a retired farmer, and Bev, who’s retired from nursing, have four grown children and nine grandchildren. Rodney has spent fifty-five years in the American Legion and almost sixty years as a Freemason, while Bev enjoys reading, doing word search puzzles, and watching favorite TV programs. The two are also actively involved at Haviland United Methodist Church. 


Rodney says his and Bev’s favorite aspect of EmberHope Youthville is the organization’s passion for changing the lives of children in crisis. “Any donation or act of service, no matter how large or small, can make a huge difference to a child,” Rodney says. Once, he refurbished bicycles and used them to bless children served by EmberHope Youthville in the Dodge City area. Anyone who’s ever seen a child’s face light up at the sight of a shiny new bicycle knows just what a special gift that was! 


Rodney has even uses his birthday as a way to bless the children of EmberHope Youthville. For the last four years, he’s run a full page piece in the church newsletter, inviting anyone and everyone to his annual birthday bash. His only request is that all who attend bring a gift to donate to the children in our care. A frequent special guest at his party is our Chief Advancement Officer, Lisa Capps, who’s a close friend of Rodney and Bev’s. Lisa usually brings a few of her co-workers to the party, as well as a foster family served by EmberHope Youthville. “Rodney’s birthday party is one of the highlights of our year,” Lisa says. “Everyone always has a ball, and it touches our hearts to know how much he and Bev care about the children we serve. They’re very dear people, and I value their friendship.”


Rodney encourages anyone who might want to support EmberHope, either financially or through volunteering, to take the leap. He and Bev are firm believers that, as the quote says, “No man stands as tall as when he stoops to help a child.” We at EmberHope Youthville deeply appreciate Rodney and Bev for all the ways they’ve stood tall and sparked change in the lives of so many children.


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