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Throughout 2020, EmberHope Youthville has developed protocols intended to keep staff and, more importantly, the children that we serve, safe. Click one of the options below to review the safety guidelines in place for each department.

While visiting the EmberHope Youthville Campus, we request that you follow the following guidelines:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Keep your mask over both your mouth and nose for the duration of your visit.
  • If you are feeling ill, please make other arrangements. Zoom meetings can be scheduled upon request.

Please schedule visits with Case Managers ahead of time. Visitors will be asked to complete a screening form upon arrival before being allowed to visit and will be refused visits if you have a fever or the answers on the screening form warrant it. Visits will be canceled if the cottage is placed on quarantine due to exposure or a positive case.

For the safety of our residents, staff will be required to wear masks and maintain 6-foot social distancing with clients, visitors, and other staff when at all possible. Regular hand-washing or hand sanitizer use is also required. Staff will fill out a screening form at the beginning of their shift, report to their supervisors, and will not work a shift if they are showing symptoms, have a fever, or the answers on the screening form indicate a possible infection.

Staff will wear full PPE if the cottage is on quarantine due to exposure or if there is a positive case in the cottage. Staff will also sanitize all hard surfaces of the cottage at a minimum once per day.

Foster Care Workers continue to meet with foster parents to provide support and compliance during the pandemic. However; the type of visit may be different such as instead of in the home, the visit may occur virtually if both parties have the technology capabilities. It could also be a combination of in-person at the home (outside) and virtually to complete a virtual walk-through. The modality chosen is based on a screening completed with the family to determine the risk and if an in-person vs virtual visit is the best choice.

Additionally, foster care workers in conjunction with DCF are in the foster homes for yearly licensing and any investigations. DCF, our foster care worker, and the foster family work together to determine what modality will best meet the needs of safety. If a foster home is unable to complete a virtual visit, the foster care worker will visit the home and use all necessary PPE.

Foster families will continue to provide care for children in DCF custody throughout the pandemic. They work with the child’s case management agency to determine if visits will be conducted in-person, virtually or a combination. The foster family also follows the guidance from other providers such as therapists, case management, attendant care, etc. to determine if these services will be conducted in-person, virtually, or temporarily suspended until such time when the pandemic is deemed over or the risk has decreased.

Foster families also work with the local school district to determine if the children in their home will be attending school virtually, in-person or hybrid. EmberHope Youthville has offered foster parents PPE to assist with keeping everyone safe. Foster families are responsible for notifying their assigned foster care worker when a child in care or a member of the household has been exposed, in quarantine, or has tested positive for COVID-19. Their assigned foster care worker reports these matters to the appropriate entities upon notification from the foster family.

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Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

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