Community of Hope

In scripture, Jesus urges his followers to care for and provide aid to children. While not all can help by fostering, there are many ways to support foster children.

EmberHope Youthville launched the Community of Hope initiative to empower individuals to have a larger role in aiding local at-risk and foster children and families. We engage, educate, and equip individuals to use their gifts as God calls them to help these families.

A strong support network is critical for the success of foster families. The lack of support overwhelms many families, often resulting in them closing their home. Nationwide, nearly 50% of foster homes close within their first year due to a lack of support. While the number of homes decline, the number of children in need continues to grow. The Community of Hope model ensures families receive the support they need to succeed.

Community of Hope attracts, engages, supports, and retains foster families by demonstrating they are not alone. Through engaging and mobilizing a network of volunteers and individuals who share their time, treasures, and talents to support foster families in their local communities.