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From the desk of Lisa Capps, Chief Advancement Officer, EmberHope Youthville A heart of hope is the hope a child feels for a stable family; the hope you feel to make a difference; the hope we all feel for change. Hearts of Hope is a monthly newsletter that celebrates the work you inspire. It’s filled with stories of people dedicated to the mission of sparking change to improve lives for children and families in need. God has called us to this work and you have answered His call. Thank you.

With the successful opening of Bogue Cottage in July, our Newton campus is heading into Fall with more than 40 girls onsite. While we prefer these young ladies remain in a family setting in their community of origin, we feel blessed to be able to provide a safe, secure environment offering stability and counseling services. As of September, four cottages are operating with the potential to open a fifth.

Our hearts are full as we prepare, in partnership with the Newton school district, to renovate and reopen the Martin K. Eby Learning Center in Fall 2019 as a trauma-informed school to serve 70-100 youth from USD 373 and our Newton campus. After initial cleanup of the vacant building, one middle school and one high school classroom serving a total of 25 students opened in August. This was a blessing for our girls who have been accustomed to attending school within theircottages. Leaving the cottage environment to attend school provides them with a sense of normalcy.

To meet their needs, a staffed medical clinic opened in the school and new HVAC units have been ordered. Thanks to the generosity of the Newton MAYB program, the girls have basketballs which allows for impromptu physical education classes. Thank you MAYB for the gift of the basketballs!

With an understanding of trauma as a foundation, the staff at EmberHope Youthville develop strategies to address challenging behaviors and help the children in our care develop healthy coping skills. If your group would like to learn more, contact me, Lisa Capps at 316-252-1346 or lcapps@emberhope.org to arrange for a presentation for your church or organization.

We are fortunate to have a network of church partners across the state engaged in our Community of Hope initiative. There are more than 6,500 Kansas kids in foster care. Yet, fewer and fewer homes willing to embrace these vulnerable children. Families simply don’t receive the same level of support for their commitment to care.

Community of Hope addresses this issue by asking the church to lead the call of service in supporting foster care families. Welcome a family into your church. Prepare meals, offer transportation, provide respite, donate clothing, help with repairs. Do you have a Community of

Hope story to share? Please call me. Lisa Capps 316-252-1346 or lcapps@emberhope.org. Thank you to everyone who answered the call by donating rugs, papasan chairs and bean bag chairs for the residential cottages! Your gifts help the cottages feel less institutional and more like a home, allowing the girls to put a personal touch on their rooms. For kids who are far away from families or may have been moved from home to home, having a place that feels

comfortable can be important. We appreciate you thinking of our girls and helping to take care of them. The need is real and always there! If you would like information about how you can help, call

Mercedes Kamaru at 316-223-4022 or mkamaru@emberhope.org.

We are grateful to call you a friend of EmberHope Youthville. Thank you for all you do! Our vision is to improve the lives of at-risk youth and families by offering innovative programs rooted in faith to inspire hope.



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