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From the desk of Lisa Capps, Chief Advancement Officer, EmberHope Youthville A heart of hope is the hope a child feels for a stable family; the hope you feel to make a difference; the hope we all feel for change. Hearts of Hope is a monthly newsletter that celebrates the work you inspire. It’s filled with stories of people dedicated to the mission of sparking change to improve lives for children and families in need. God has called us to this work and you have answered His call. Thank you!

The idea behind Homecoming is pretty simple. Invite students and alumni home to celebrate their alma mater. The event is rich in school spirit, tradition and fanfare, especially the big dance with the crowning of the king and queen. Each year, our community and staff come together to ensure the girls in residential care look and feel like royalty.

This year, the girls attending Newton High School were able to choose from a selection of semi-formal dresses from Dillard’s East of Wichita. Individual donors provided an offering of evening shoes. Hair and makeup was donated by staffer Mercedes Kamaru, ensuring the girls felt beautiful, confident and accepted as part of the homecoming festivities at the Homecoming Dance on October 20.

Serving the needs of the girls in this way is a wonderful example of our Community of Hope. If you have a foster care family in your neighborhood that would benefit from the collective support of your church or community group, please consider how you can help. Thank you to Dillard’s East and each donor who made Homecoming special for the girls in Newton!

We are blessed with many everyday heroes at EmberHope Youthville. Too many to mention by name. But you surely know who you are. The individuals, churches and women’s groups whose devotion has called you to serve by giving every month for the past 20, 25 even 30 years or more. We are humbled by your dedication, and grateful that you are devoted to the work we do for these very vulnerable children and families. The gifts you have given have sustained our organization through the last 90 years, most recently by filling the gap between the actual cost to provide foster care and the reimbursement rate we receive.

Rodney Hannan, a most generous gentleman. Each year, Rodney and his wife Beverly celebrate his birthday at the First United Methodist Church in Haviland by honoring

EmberHope Youthville, asking the congregation and his many friends to celebrate with gifts and donations to help our kids. This year, friends and family donated more than $360, socks, hair products, lotion and other personal items. Long-time Foster Care Worker, Denita Young and two of her families, one from Spearville and one from Coldwater, joined the fun to meet and mingle with the

guests, and of course, enjoy the cupcakes and ice cream. Much to their surprise and delight, Rodney surprised the children with gifts of Legos. Happy 87th Birthday Rodney and God Bless You!

One beloved holiday program, Christmas Connections is underway! This long-standing

tradition ensures our children in care are not forgotten during the season of giving. This year,

we’ve expanded the program to include the entire foster family, realizing that fostering a child

impacts each member of the household. Christmas Eve offering envelopes and ornaments are being

distributed! If you would like to share the season and make the holidays special for a foster family,

please contact Mercedes Kamaru at 316-223-4022 or mkamaru@emberhope.org.

We are blessed to call you a friend of EmberHope Youthville.

Thank you for all you do!

Our vision is to improve the lives of at-risk youth and families by offering innovative programs rooted in faith to inspire hope.

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