Having a place where you feel at home left a lasting impression with foster youth Tianna. Kasha, a foster parent, still remembers the nine months Tianna lived with her daughters before returning home to her family.   “Tianna was the first teenager I ever fostered and with all teenagers its about talking to them about choices.  Tianna still returns every holiday for a visit after 11 years and she even named her first baby after me,” said Kasha. 


Children are awaiting foster home placements every day in Washington State. There are many wonderful foster families but more are needed to meet the need.

Please contact our BRS Program Director for more information about becoming a foster parent.

Location & Contact

Duane W. Ott, MSW
BRS Program Director, Youthville Washington
3505 136th Street NE, Suite A
Marysville, WA 98271
Email: DOtt@youthville.org
Phone: 360.651.4444 ext. 23
Fax: 360.653.8320
Cell: 425.516.1018


Youthville would like to match children with families near their school of origin. This will lessen the number of changes in a child's life and keep them close to friends and family who have been approved to visit them. School disruptions are very common for foster children. This can have a very negative impact on their social and academic progress. At this point, many children are placed far from their home of origin and often find themselves separated from siblings and people from their culture.

Youthville will find the most suitable placement matches that meet the goals of the foster parents. People often become foster parents so they can serve specific types of children. That might be toddlers, babies, medically fragile children, teenagers, developmentally delayed youth or those who are awaiting adoption. Youthville will honor your wishes, support your efforts and connect you with the children that you'd like to serve.

Who can become a Foster Parent?

There are licensing standards, training hours and home study requirements but people from all walks of life can become foster parents. Families with their own biological children, single parents, religious families, empty nest parents, same sex couples and others have all become great foster parents. Youthville is inclusive and wishes to serve people from every culture and within urban and rural settings.

About Our Program

Youthville is a private agency that licenses foster homes in Washington. We offer orientations to small groups and individuals. Our staff members assist families through the licensing process and provide case management support. Youthville provides respite coordination for foster families and in-home family support when applicable. Designated staff are also available after business hours to support parents when urgent matters arise. We are responsive to the needs of our families and work tirelessly to support their efforts. Youthville greatly appreciates the meaningful care that our families provide to our community's foster children. We will do everything we can to support your efforts if you decide to become a Youthville foster home.

There is a tremendous need for more foster parents in every community. Many children are placed far from their homes of origin. This can make their school lives more challenging and make it harder for them to visit approved friends and family. Some children are also separated from their siblings because of capacity restrictions. Youthville hopes to license more homes throughout Washington. This will help to keep children close to their community and increase capacity for foster placements throughout the system.

Youthville believes that foster families thrive when they are supported and matched with children that suit their household. We will honor your wishes and only offer placements that are within the scope of the children that you?d like to serve. Some families want to have babies, toddlers, school aged children or youth with special needs. There is a need for all types of families from all cultures who have different skill sets. We will always encourage you to follow your heart and personal calling.

Therapeutic Foster Care

Youthville specializes in supporting foster homes who wish to serve youth who are recovering from trauma. Unfortunately, some children who have been abused or neglected have trouble processing their feelings and struggle in many life domains. They often face challenges in school and have interpersonal conflict with adults and peers. Youthville provides intensive case management, wraparound support and customized service plans to all of the children placed in our therapeutic foster homes. This includes respite coordination and in-home appointments from our family support specialists. Youthville fully appreciates the time and effort that it takes to serve children who have behavioral challenges. We allocate a generous payment for that level of care and strive to meet all of the foster parent's needs throughout the placement experience.

Parent Training

Youthville's IMPACT Parenting Program (IMPACT) serves our most vulnerable children and their families by using evidence-based programming. The goal is to increase family bonding and help parents and caregivers provide a healthy physical and emotional environment for their children. IMPACT keeps children safe by empowering parents and caregivers to accept their role as their child's first and most important teacher. By learning appropriate parenting skills and discipline strategies, parents are better able to protect their children, interact with them positively and encourage their growth and development, which prepares them for school and the experiences of childhood. To achieve these outcomes and the overall agency mission, IMPACT utilizes evidence-based and best practice parent education tools, including The Incredible Years, which is a comprehensive parenting program designed to prevent, reduce and treat conduct problems among children. In addition, this program helps children experience increased parent-child relations, self-esteem and peer relations. This program is successful because IMPACT Parent Educators and Child Development Specialists are well qualified and experienced child welfare professionals who have a genuine desire to protect and support children through the education and support of their parents and caregivers. IMPACT also utilizes volunteers in a supportive role to the staff facilitators, specifically with regard to child care and food preparation.

IMPACT staff and volunteers help parents and caregivers achieve a safe, supportive environment with:

  •      Improved parent-child relationships
  •      Positive parenting skills
  •      Knowledge of child development stages and needs
  •      Increased use of positive parental discipline
  •      Increased knowledge and use of community supports

To learn more about the Incredible Years program, click here.

Register for an Incredible Years Class

Contact: Sandra McCool
IMPACT Program Coordinator, Youthville Washington
Email: SMcCool@youthville.org
Phone: 360.651.4444, ext.25

For Parents with Babies Ages Birth to 8 Months

In the Parents and Babies Program, parents learn how to help their babies feel loved, safe, and secure. They learn how to encourage their babies' physical and language development. The parenting group format fosters peer support networks and shared learning. Trained Incredible Years facilitators use video clips of real-life situational vignettes to support the training and stimulate parenting group discussions and practice exercises with their babies.

Classes are on-going and meet weekly for 10-12 weeks? SMcCool@youthville.org

For Parents with Children Ages 8 Months to 3 Years

In the Parents and Toddlers Basic Program, parents learn how to help their toddlers feel loved and secure and how to encourage their toddler?s language, social, and emotional development. They learn how to establish clear and predictable routines, handle separations and reunions, and use positive discipline to manage misbehavior. The parenting group format fosters peer support networks and shared learning. Trained Incredible Years facilitators use video clips of real-life situational vignettes to support the training and stimulate parenting group discussions and problem solving practices.

Classes are on-going and meet weekly for 13 weeks?  SMcCool@youthville.org

For Parents with Children Ages 2-8 Years

The Preschool Basic parenting program strengthens parent-child interactions and attachment, reducing harsh discipline and fostering parents' ability to promote children's social, emotional, and language development. Parents also learn how to build school readiness skills and are encouraged to partner with teachers and day care professionals so they can promote children's emotional regulation and social skills. In the parenting groups, trained Incredible Years facilitators use video clips of real-life situational vignettes to support the training and trigger parenting group discussions, problem solving, and practice exercises.

Classes are on-going and meet weekly for 18 weeks?  SMcCool@youthville.org 

Location & Contact

Sandra McCool
IMPACT Program Coordinator, Youthville Washington
3505 136th Street NE, Suite A
Marysville, WA 98271
Email: SMcCool@youthville.org
Phone: 360.651.4444, ext.25
Fax: 360.653.8320