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Functional Family Therapy - Sedgwick County

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Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a nationally recognized, evidence-based model that was developed to work with juvenile offenders and their families. Offered through FCS Counseling, the goal is to help youth be successful on supervision from the Department of Corrections – JS and prevent them from moving further into the system. This highly effective model is proven to reduce recidivism by 25%-60% while increasing parental supervision and involvement.

Efforts are made to make FFT affordable for all families. Funding for FFT is made possible by Sedgwick County Crime Prevention funds, insurance payments, and client fees. Most major insurances are accepted including Medicaid and Cenpatico. Private insurance may have a deductible or co-pay. A sliding fee scale is available.

FFT Therapists Work Towards:
  • Engaging the family in treatment and motivating family members to work toward a common goal
  • Matching intervention to the specific family and their relationships
  • Helping the family use the changes in other settings like school, work and with extended family
  • Addressing issues with communication, problem-solving, negotiation skills and family relationships

FFT serves families of youth ages 11-18 who have had contact with the Department of Corrections – JS and have risk factors such as delinquency, family conflict, poor school performance, running away, substance abuse and violence. Youth must be living with their families and need to be referred through the Department of Corrections – JS. If it is determined that the client needs both individual and family therapy individual therapy a referral will be made after FFT has been completed. Most mental health issues can be addressed utilizing this model. Youth will not be eligible if currently receiving family therapy.

Frequency and Duration

The family therapy model usually lasts 12-15 sessions over a three month period. Services are tailored to fit the family, therefore length of treatment and duration may vary. Client services can be provided at the family’s home, in the school, or the community, if needed. Location generally depends on the client’s ability to get to our office, scheduling, safety, and insurance.

For more information on Functional Family Therapy visit fftllc.com.

Questions? Please contact us at fftreferrals@fcscounseling.org.


Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a short-term (approximately 30 hours), family-based therapeutic intervention for delinquent youth who are at risk of institutionalization.  FFT is designed to improve family strengths, communication, and supportiveness while decreasing intense negativity and dysfunction.  Parenting skills, youth compliance, and behavior patterns are target for change based on the specific risk and protective factors in each family.  FFT is best implemented by teams composed of three to eight masters-level therapists with caseloads of ten to twelve families each.

The FFT model has distinct phases that build upon each other, with specific interventions in each phase:

  • Engagement – designed to emphasize youth and family protective factors and to protect the family from early program dropout.
  • Motivation – designed to change maladaptive reactions and beliefs and to increase alliances, trust, hope, and motivation for lasting change.
  • Assessment – designed to clarify individual, family, and larger systems relationships and how behaviors relate to change.
  • Behavior Change – consists of communications and parenting skills training plus youth compliance and skill building.
  • Generalization – during which family case management is guided by the family’s needs, their connections to and resources in their environment, and their alliance with the therapist.

Functional Family Therapy’s logic model can be visualized as: