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“I’ve built a fence around me to keep myself protected from people who try to hurt me. With help, I want to get into Job Corp and turn around my life. I think I can do it and I keep looking forward. They say that Hell is a place, I think my life since four was that place, but I am finally starting to see something better, that feels good.” ~ secure care youth

Your gift sparks change

Your gift provides vital services and support to at-risk youth and families in our community. Last year we were able to help 2,362 people because of individual gifts like yours.

  • Contributions are the reason we were able to help Johnny become more independent by purchasing an electric wheelchair so he could get around by himself.
  • Gifts helped Sarah gain her diploma because she could afford to go to summer school.
  • Funds helped baby Jackie, whose head was misshapen because of neglect, receive a helmet.
  • Generous donations provided Goodwill vouchers for clothes and a supply of personal beauty items to Lily and Tracy who arrived at Tom and Mary’s home with only a few essential items.

These few examples are why your gifts mean so much to the youth and families we serve. Together, we can spark change to build a community of hope.

Donate Now

The Kids Fund is a service of EmberHope’s Youthville program. This helps ensure resources are always available to cover the direct needs of children and families not covered by state funding and program grants.

A unique way to make your donation is through our Give a Gift shopping cart, a virtual shopping experience that allows you to select which items you donate! We help thousands of vulnerable youth and families each year who depend on the generosity of supporters like you.

Drop off locations

If you have items from our wish list you would like to donate to our programs, you may drop them off at the following locations:

Corporate Headquarters
900 W. Broadway St.
Newton, KS 67114