Thank you, spoken from a youth who is in a residential treatment facility, because they are harm to themselves seems quite magical.  Esmeralda used these two simple words to express how her life had been greatly impacted by our Residential Campus Pastor.  “God puts us here with a mission in life and I think you are completing your mission. Being here for all of us, helping wipe our tears away, making me laugh when I’m down, and helping me when I fall.  I guess I want to say, Thank you.”--former residential client Esmeralda

Our organization founded by the Methodist Church 87 years ago is built upon a deeply rooted faith. We have a long heritage of working together with many people in the faith community to spark change and improve lives.  The faith community’s support allows us to make a real difference in the lives of at-risk youth and their families.  Through your generosity we provide Christmas gifts to more than 1,000 youth each year, we help foster kids with basic toiletry needs, school supplies, clothes, formula, diapers and many other necessities.  
The needs are great and we need your continued support.

There are several ways your church can get involved:

  • Take a special Healing Hearts Offering

  • Select us as your mission of choice during Vacation Bible School 

  • Host an Undie Sunday or Sock It To Me Sunday or a Bubble Up Sunday (shampoo, bath soap, etc)

  • Participate in Christmas Connection (we will have information for this link soon)

    Ways we can help:

  • Bulletin inserts/envelopes are available on request                                                                                                

  • Invite a staff person for a presentation during worship or another church or community related group

Your involvement will be recognized:

  • In our annual report

  • On our church support page

  • Possibly with a piece of artwork from our Big Hearts Recognition Program (we will have further information for this link soon)

    Please join us as we work together to fulfill God's mission to serve others. If you are interested in helping us this year, please contact us.

Victor Peterson
Church Relations